Monday, August 10, 2009

A Lifetime of bad television choices

Last night as I was watching a little "Sex and the City" after work, I found myself kind of appalled that I had already seen the episode. This led to a larger realization that I know way more about films and television geared toward women than I should and that the women in my life have greatly influenced the kinds of entertainment that have entered my life through the years.

Growing up with a sister a few years older than me, I've taken in many episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" and watched too many times to count movies such as "Footloose" and "Flashdance". I can blame my mother for wasting my mental capacity on "General Hospital". Trust me, I know everything there is to know about the ongoing feud between Luke Spencer and the Cassadine family. This continued into my marriage where "You've Got Mail" and the aforementioned New York socialite drama joined my viewing rotation. How did this happen?

It started becoming clear when I scored better than most of my friends on the "Dirty Dancing" quiz on facebook. Why?! I could care less if Baby never comes out of the corner. Isn't this brain capacity I should be using to memorize baseball statistics or learning how to dismantle a combustion engine? Have the viewing habits taken on during my formative years permanently revoked my man card?

Oh well, I guess I can just use this to say that I'm in touch with my feminine side. Or, a better option, maybe I should use this recent realization as motivation to get off my butt and leave the room when these kinds of programs come on. Or maybe I should just watch them and claim that it earns me the right to watch football all day on Sundays. I guess I should be thankful that none of the women in my life have been obsessed with "Grease".

P.S. After Tennessee's 21-18 defeat of the Bills last night, I have an unblemished record in my football predictions so far this year.


Elaine said...

I have had to sit through far too many football matches, golf tournaments, re-runs of Top Gear and whole weekends of Fred Dibnah and his oh-so-dull steam engines. Not to mention Westerns, Shoot-em-downs and Beat-em-ups and Bend-her-over-the-barell-and-lift-her-skirt-ups.

I think you have it comparetively easy!

Not So Glamorous Husband said...

True, I suppose there are two sides to every coin. Men like manly things and women like womanly things. It's the ongoing battle of the sexes. Still, I suppose the true point in my post is that I would rather sit through a movie or television show outside my range of tastes than give up time spent with the people I care about. Judging by your comment, I suppose that's something that we have in common.

glorv1 said...

Well you could always pick up a book to read. Or as you said, spend time with the "family."

There's really nothing "good" on TV these days. I personally watch the Food Network, PBS, Ugly Betty when she is on and I'm a forever fan of GH. Right now Luke's not around, he's boring now anyway. Sonny is about to find out he has another grown son and......Well you get the story. Great post. Have a great day.