Sunday, August 16, 2009

Food Flashback

As I was taking my dinner break at work tonight, I noticed something about the container I had used to transport my leftover casserole. It was a clear plastic Rubbermaid, and on the lid was a space labeled "DATE" and one labeled "CONTENTS".

Said I to myself, "'Date' I kind of understand if you're using these things for freezer storage. But 'contents'? If you can't pick up this transparent container and tell what's inside, you probably shouldn't eat it."

But then I recalled a repressed memory from my childhood.

Mom was away at a meeting or something one evening, so Dad was responsible for getting dinner ready for my sister and I. After assessing the fridge, he settled on a container of leftover mashed potatoes. He plopped some on a couple of plates, smothered them in turkey gravy and microwaved them until piping hot.

My sister and I — famished as we were — simultaneously dug in. Unfortunately, we both quickly discovered that the mashed potatoes we had anticipated were actually white frosting. Hot white frosting with gravy.

Ordinarily, I believe everything is better with gravy, but I think it's safe to assume that this marked a low point in my father's culinary journey.

So, I guess that's the value of labeling the contents of your food storage containers. If anyone else has a Tupperware horror story, feel free to share.


Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

I fear your mothers refrigerator for just this reason

glorv1 said...

Wow, that must have really been a surprise. Actually mashed potatoes with turkey gravy sound really good. I don't think I've had mashed potatoes since last Thanksgiving. By the way, did you eat it all? Even though they were mashed potatoes??? Well at least your father tried. Have a great day.

Not So Glamorous Husband said...

It was so disgusting. I tried a couple of bites, but there was no way I could eat. I'm thankful that Dad didn't force the issue. I think he saw the error of his ways, and thankfully found some humor in it, too. I think we ended up going out for burgers when it was all said and done.