Friday, October 16, 2009

NFL Week 6 picks

Here are this week's winners (according to me, anyway)

Rams at Jaguars: The Jags looked awful last week against Seattle, but that seems to just be a continuation of the team's up-and-down trend of this season. The Rams on the other hand have been consistently bad all year. I'll take Jacksonville.

Giants at Saints: In a matchup of two unbeaten teams, this one is going to be a really great game. The Giants have done so much despite a ton of injuries, and I think their streak continues here. The Saints are going to be a tough opponent, but I'll stick with the G-Men.

Panthers at Buccaneers: Carolina snuck out a win last week, and Tampa is still looking for its first W. I don't think they find it this week either. Neither one of these teams is very good, but I'll give the edge to Carolina.

Ravens at Vikings: Minnesota has been rolling so far this season, while Baltimore has hit a couple of bumps the past two weeks against the Pats and Bengals. It's hard to imagine a team as good as the Ravens losing three straight, but I still need to go with Minnesota in this one. They'll find tough running against the stingy Baltimore D, but I think they come out on top.

Lions at Packers: Detroit is looking better each week and I expect another good fight out of them in this one. That said, when the weather turns cold, it gets pretty tough to win at Lambeau, and the Packers are a longtime rival. This isn't one of the four games I picked the Lions to win this year, so I'm going to go with Green Bay.

Texans at Bengals: Cincinnati continues to surprise me this season, winning games I didn't give them a chance in. If Houston can put together a few big plays, this game will be close, but I'm going to jump on the Bengals bandwagon and say they earn another win at home.

Browns at Steelers: This one should be a no contest. The Steelers are developing a nasty trend of going to sleep in the fourth quarter, but I think they should be far enough ahead in this one that it won't matter. Cleveland's win last week against Buffalo didn't really do anything to disprove my theory that they are a really bad team; it really just illustrated that the Bills are worse than I thought. Seriously, 23 yards passing and you win? Horrible. Pittsburgh will destroy them.

Chiefs at Washington: The Redskins have ended the losing streaks of both the Lions and Panthers and snuck out wins against the Rams and Bucs (a combined 0-10). The fact that the Skins are only 2-3 with that kind of cakewalk schedule doesn't give me much confidence in them. This week, they face yet another winless team, and I'm going to roll the dice and say that Washington's trend continues with the Chiefs getting in the win column, too.

Cardinals at Seahawks: In the two games that Matt Hasselbeck has played healthy, Seattle has shut out its opponents. I expected more out of Jacksonville last week, and the Seahawks thumped them. The Cards have been streaky so far, and not winning convincingly when they do. I'm going to say that Seattle is a better team with Hasselbeck and give them the win.

Eagles at Raiders: It's amazing how far the Raiders have fallen in just a few years. They aren't good at all, and even with the cross-country trip from Philly, I think the Eagles will dominate this game. McNabb didn't show any ill effects from his rib injury last week, and this one should be an easy win.

Bills at Jets: As I said earlier, the Bills were exposed last week by Cleveland for just how inept their offense is. The Jets have played a couple of tough games recently, but what they showed early in the season is enough for me to think that they are the better team in this matchup. I'll give them the fairly easy win at home.

Titans at Patriots: My preseason prediction for the Titans was so far from correct it's not even funny at this point. At 0-5, Tennessee is in desperate need of a victory if they have any shot at a postseason berth. Unfortunately for them, I don' think they're going to find that much-needed win in Foxborough. The Patriots, although not quite as good as in years past, still have a way of getting the job done, and I think they take this one and keep the Titans winless.

Bears at Falcons: I honestly didn't expect the Bears to be 3-1 at this point, but after a shaky Week 1, they've really come to life and are coming off a bye this week. The Falcons are also 3-1 and coming off a lopsided victory against San Fran. In this one, I'll give the edge to the home team. It will be a good game, but Atlanta has too many offensive weapons and I don't think Chicago will be able to keep up.

Broncos at Chargers: I keep waiting for Denver to lose because I don't really think they're good enough to be an undefeated team, but somehow they keep proving me wrong. Still, this is one bandwagon I'm refusing to jump aboard. With a rookie running back and head coach and Kyle Orton at the helm, the streak can't go on forever. San Diego should be well rested and well prepared after last week's bye, and I think they will give Denver's record its first blemish.

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