Saturday, October 03, 2009

NFL Week 4 picks...

Since I'm kind of waiting until the last minute to do this and I kind of want to go to bed, I'll forego the analysis and just post my picks. There's really no reason for me to do this every week except for I like to go on the record about something, and if I pick a major upset correctly, I like to be able to prove it afterward. So here goes:

I don't think it's a gimme, but I'll take the Bears over the Lions

The Colts easily over Seattle

I'm just going to keep picking Tennessee until they win. This week, they beat Jacksonville

Lock of the week: Giants over Kansas City

Redskins over Tampa. If they can't win this one, they are in serious trouble.

One of the tougher picks of the week, I'll take Baltimore to win in New England

Houston at home over the Raiders

Cincinnati to beat Cleveland (might vote for worst team in the league)

I'll take Buffalo on the road against Miami.

Saints at home against the Jets. It's time someone really tested that New York defense.

Dallas to end Denver's winning streak. The cakewalk is over.

A resurgent 49ers team over the Rams

Pittsburgh to get back on track in a tough game against the Chargers.

Minnesota at home over Green Bay on Monday.


Testosterblogger said...

Looks like 10-4 this week if I counted right

Joseph Cooper said...

I'm back. I'll see if I can catch up with you're picks now that you passed me the last week I posted. That was week two.