Saturday, December 12, 2009

NFL Week 14 predictions...

Another week, another missed Thursday game. Again, for what it's worth, I'd have picked Pittsburgh. Now, I'm convinced that if there's an awful team in the league, the Steelers have the potential to lose to them. It seems to be there trend. Anyway, here's the rest of my picks for this week:

I'll take the unbeaten Saints against the injury-depleted Falcons.

The Ravens really should beat the Lions.

The Packers, still in the playoff hunt, will beat the very streaky Bears in Chicago.

I can't remember, is this the Seahawks' week to win? It seems to be kind of an every other week thing for them. I'll take Seattle over the Texans.

The stinking Colts just refuse to lose a game. I say that trend continues against the Broncos.

A tough pick, but I'll go with the Jaguars at home over the Dolphins.

The Chiefs seem better than they were in the early season. I'll take them to beat the Bills.

The Vikings should bounce back against the Bengals, who will stumble into the postseason.

The Patriots' losing streak stops against the visiting Panthers.

I think the Jets get a road win against kind of a sloppy Buccaneers' team

The Titans start a new winning streak against the one-dimensional Rams.

In an absolute yuck-fest, I'll go with the Redskins on the road against the Raiders.

Likely one of the best games of the week, I'll take the Chargers to beat the Cowboys.

Anything can happen in these rivalry games, but I think I'll take the Eagles against the Giants.

In the Monday night contest, I'll go with the Cardinals. They appear to be the best team in the NFC West, especially since the 49ers have really cooled off.

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