Thursday, November 12, 2009

NFL Week 10 (Take 1)

These Thursday night games always mess with me because I don't really have my mind put together yet to start making predictions about football. So, I'm going to take the easy way out and just pick the winner of tonight's game and save the rest for later. Here goes:

Both teams were bad last week. In fact, the Niners are on a four-game skid. I kind of feel like they are the better team here, but for some reason they can't win. That said, even though San Fran is a better team, I think the Bears are playing better right now. I'll take Chicago on the road for my first victory of the week.

Go ahead, prove me wrong.


Testosterblogger said...

Crap. That didn't work out.

Testosterblogger said...

Okay, so I did my running tally and I am officially not very good at picking football games. Here it is: 82 wins against 48 losses. That's 63 percent, a D on most grading scales.